What have I been doing lately

This is the time in my life where I am lost. Lost in possibilities. Lost in dreams. Lost in habits.
I have given myself permission to look like an idiot. Again.

Let’s be serious Abhishek !! What have you been up to ?

Ok, I will tell you. But promise me you will read till the end of the post 😁😄.

Yeah ? Yeah ?? Let’s go then ..

The year started on a rocky note when my remote work contract ( the one which lasted 20 months ) was rescinded on Feb 15th.

I wrote the below note to some of my friends.

My remote work contract as a ruby api dev was terminated because of a rightsizing exercise in my company. The finances were in a bad state and unfortunately a lot of people had to be released. I do have a one month notice period but I wanted to clear my head out so that I can plan better.

I am perceiving this as an opportunity to pursue better paths. Some thoughts in my head are

  • Move to elixir because I’ve been having a lot of fun learning the language and working in it
  • Work on a toptal project ( I am a toptaler but never had the time to do one. Would like to experience that )
  • Take a 3-6 month break and focus on my health and improving my portfolio

Surprisingly, I find myself pretty calm. I feel the below reasons might have a hand in it

  • Optionality ( because of the tech skills and investing in learning )
  • Solid savings
  • Been in similar situations before in my career ( antifragile as Nassim Taleb would say )
  • Reading a lot of stoic text ( I think it must be compulsory reading for every remote dev )
  • Being part of awesome communities ❤️

Anyway. Time to move on
Pure business. Nothing personal.

It’s been almost three months now, and I still have not made a single rupee. I guess this break is being used to take the next step on the staircase – which is to build a small online business.

Employee ➡️ Remote Worker ➡️ IndieHacker

The following three projects have been keeping me busy.


It’s a simple service(SAAS) to embed charts in emails, pdfs or chat bot messages. I built the MVP in Elixir (which was fun) but now the difficult part begins ie. getting customers.


At the start of the year, I wanted to have a project which I could do for the rest of the year. And I am so psyched about Remote Work that I want other people to experience this joy as well. Hence I committed to writing a newsletter every two weeks.

Right now I have 30 members in the mailing list which is growing organically. And with the launch of the new website and the slack group I am hoping it will be hub for remote working community in India.


This was an idea shared by a person I met in Thailand. He had implemented it successfully in France, and he wanted me to see if it works for Indian market as well (I know it’s crazy .. right). I really thought this idea had a lot of potential when I started. The product sample is ready but it has been hard to find customers.

Other than work stuff, I used this opportunity to learn elixir, do a Vipassana course in Dehradun and take my parents to Benaras for a short little trip.

And oh yes, I finally learned to drive a car and more importantly be able to park in the smallest of spaces available in our building.

So yeah, the possibilities are interesting. But then the purpose of the post is not to share only updates. I wanted to share the systems ( and not goals ) I want to enforce in the next 3 months.

  • Work 4 hours every weekday on building a business
  • Practise Yoga and Meditation every day
  • Call one person every day

Hopefully, if I am able to actualize 80% of what I plan for, then by Durga Puja ( mid October), I should

  • Earn 10k from my side projects
  • Lead a healthier life
  • Have better relationships

If you have any advice/suggestions, please feel free to poke me.

Now tell me – What have you been up to secretly 😈

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