Using Rescue Time to become a better writer

Rescue Time is a tool I use to collect my browsing stats across both desktop and mobile devices. When you look at those numbers at a weekly level, mind-boggling discoveries are uncovered.

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”

One of them was that I spend more time on Youtube than on IAWriter. This data is not coherent with my long term goal of becoming a better writer. Blogposts cannot be written while I am consuming the next cool travel video on the internet. If you can, then please let me in on the secret as well 😉

Having come across that startling revelation, I decided to setup two goals on rescue time to revert this habit. So every week, the app will provide evidence whether I am spending more time on producing rather than consuming.

I know that becoming a better writer is a sum of many things. However if I put in the effort to compose those ill formed paragraphs, I am moving one step in the right direction. Whether this was all wishful thinking or not, this blog will be a judge of that. No pressure 😅

If you have Rescue Time installed already, what are the things that you have uncovered from your data. If not, then it is highly recommended that you set it up sooner rather than later.

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