How I curate content for RemoteIndian newsletter

Every 2 weeks, I send out a newsletter for RemoteIndian community which contains some useful links related to working remotely.

There are some paid tools out there which could have helped me to bring together my favourite content from the web in a beautiful email. But then I wanted to build a workflow which was not going to cost me any money and could be customised based on my existing tool habits 🛠

I use pocket for aggregating content and reading them later at a different point of time. Also I use IA Writer to write because of beautiful interface and markdown support.

Now I wanted a way where I could record filtered content from pocket and then seamlessly copy it to IAWriter and then to Mailchimp campaign creator. This is where Google Sheets and Zapier come into the mix.

I created a zap which creates a new row of info whenever I star a pocket article. Once every 2 weeks, I have a look at the icebox, to choose the final 3 articles for the article and to put in my notes/comments 💬.

The last thing is collecting all the data in different columns into one single Google sheet column. I do that using a formula with the help of CONCATENATE function which gives me a full block using markdown. Beauty of markdown is that it takes care of formatting too.

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Thanks a million to Mailchimp, Zapier, Google Sheets, Pocket and IAWriter 🙌. These set of tools freed up my time to focus on the core thing that I loved which was reading and curating content about remote work 😊

Happy to help if you have further questions !!

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