Annual Review 2018

What went well this year ?

  • RemoteIndian project is alive and kicking (much better website with 10 interviews, and a regular newsletter and 56 members)
  • Understood the value of meditation after Vipassana course and found a lot of calmness
  • Got the maker bug and built many side projects
  • Built bluletter.inBuilt ChartKitty using ElixirRebuilt my personal website -> of course remoteindian project (which at this moment seems to be the most promising idea)
  • Awesome memories involving Dharamshala, Spiti, Benaras and Euro trip
  • I have much better rituals and habits eg. using Freedom, weekly review, going to the gym or for a walk etc.

What did not go well this year ?

  • Did not make a lot of money this year. After losing my remote work contract, I did not earn anything from my side projects. Also I couldn’t get any success in my JobHunt before end of year.
  • Still consuming a lot of content on youtube, watching sports, browsing twitter etc

For eg. I consumed 54 hours of youtube in the last 3 months based on my RescueTime data

Applying for RoR or Elixir opportunities ? Whether I should be a maker or a programmer ??

  • 90% code, 10% marketing for my side projects while it should have been the opposite
  • Not given enough time to relationships
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